Captivate Your Sweetheart with These 31 Spanish Quotes About Love

When you learn a new language, you always have some preconceived ideas about that culture. For example, many foreigners consider Spanish to be one of the most romantic and sensual languages ​​in the world. Perhaps this is due to its pronunciation, tone, and rhythm. Probably the warm and outgoing personality of its speakers has an influence too. However, all people have a romantic side and, therefore, we like to see phrases of love, movies with happy endings or songs that remind us of good times. As a result, in this post, we have compiled the most beautiful Spanish quotes about love with their English translations. In addition to helping you on that special date or being perfect for sharing on your Facebook or Instagram, these phrases will help you develop your vocabulary. And, since Spanish-speaking authors wrote all these phrases, it will also be an excellent opportunity for you to get familiar with some writers and books. That way, you’ll be able to improve your Spanish reading.  Remember that reading books in the language you are learning will help you increase and reinforce your vocabulary. Furthermore, it will also allow you to understand the different meanings that one word can have depending on the context. So, forget about the grammar rules for a moment and enjoy the following love phrases in Spanish.

Spanish Quotes about love by Julio Cortázar

Julio Cortázar is a very famous writer among native-Spanish speakers. Although some of his work can be challenging. He also has some short stories that you can use to learn more vocabulary or to see the past tense in action. One thing to keep in mind is that Cortázar writes about different topics, but he tends to focus on fantastic things. 

What stories would I suggest to you?

  • La noche boca arriba
  • Continuidad de los parques
  • La autopista del sur

1. Andábamos sin buscarnos…

This phrase perfectly describes how we can find love when we least expect it.

“Andábamos sin buscarnos, pero sabiendo que andábamos para encontrarnos.”

English Translation

“We were around without looking for each other, but knowing we went around to find each other .”

2. Regalos insignificantes…

When you are in love, you value the small things and details that your partner does for you.  As a result, a kiss or a caress can be precious.

“Regalos insignificantes como un beso en un momento inesperado o un papel escrito a las apuradas, pueden ser valorados más que una joya.”

English Translation:

“Insignificant gits, like a kiss at an unexpected moment, or a piece of paper written in a hurry, can have more value than jewels”

3. Total parcial…

In addition to being beautiful and romantic, this Spanish quote about love allows you to see the difference between ‘Querer’ and ‘Amar’. ‘Querer’ is a lovely feeling. However, ‘Amar’ is more significant and profound.

“Total parcial: te quiero. Total general: te amo.”

English Translation

“Partial total: I want you. General total: I love you”

4. Si me ves…

Ending a relationship or being away from the person you love is never easy. If you find yourself in that situation, you can dedicate the following Spanish quote about love. 

“Si me ves por alguno de tus pensamientos, abrázame que te extraño.”

English Translation

“If you see me in any of your thoughts, hold me because I miss you.”

5. Por eso no seremos…

There is no doubt that love is complicated. However, in a relationship, we should take into account the other person too. Like Cortazar says, being together makes us stronger.

“Por eso no seremos nunca la pareja perfecta, la tarjeta postal, si no somos capaces de aceptar que sólo en la aritmética el dos nace del uno más el uno.”

English Translation

“That’s why we will never be the perfect couple, the postal card, if we are not able to accept that only in arithmetic the two are born of the one plus one .”

6. Ven a dormir…

This is probably one of the most famous quotes about love of this author. No wonder why.  It is simple, short and perfectly expresses the feelings experienced when being in love.

“Ven a dormir conmigo: no haremos el amor. Él nos hará.” 

English Translation

“Come sleep with me: We won’t make love. Love will make us.”

7. Música…

When it comes to love or to have a broken heart, music is a fundamental element. Or as Cortázar would say: 

“¡Música! Melancólico alimento para los que vivimos de amor.”

English Translation

“Music! Melancholic food for those of us who live off love.”

8. Como si pudiese…

Without a doubt, we can never really choose who we fall in love with. Love is something that happens and we can not control. As a result, Cortázar wrote the following quote about love. 

“Como si se pudiese elegir en el amor, como si no fuera un rayo que te parte los huesos y te deja estaqueado en la mitad del patio”. 

English Translation

“As if you could pick in love, as if it were not a lightning bolt that splits your bones and leaves you staked out in the middle of the courtyard..”

9. Creo que no te quiero…

As much as it hurts, many times we cling to a person and we don’t realize that what we love is the idea we have of her or him.

“Creo que no te quiero, que solamente quiero la imposibilidad tan obvia de quererte como la mano izquierda enamorada de ese guante que vive en la derecha.”

English Translation

“I think I don’t love you, I only love the so obvious impossibility of loving you. Just like the left glove is in love with the right hand. ”

10. Y debo decir…

Although many love stories are doomed to end, the memory of that person will remain in our minds. To express that feeling, you can use Cortázar’s next beautiful love phrase.

“Y debo decir que confío plenamente en la casualidad de haberte conocido. Que nunca intentaré olvidarte, y que si lo hiciera, no lo conseguiría. Que me encanta mirarte y que te hago mío con solo verte de lejos. Que adoro tus lunares y tu pecho me parece el paraíso. Que no fuiste el amor de mi vida, ni de mis días, ni de mi momento. Pero que te quise, y que te quiero, aunque estemos destinados a no ser.”

English Translation

“And I must say that I completely trust in the coincidence of have met you, that I never gonna try to forget you and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able, that I love to stare at you and make you mine just watching you from afar, that I love your freckles and your chest is paradise, that you haven’t been the love of my life or my days or of just a time, but I did love you, I do love you, even when we are not meant to be.”

Spanish Quotes about love by Gabriel García Márquez 

This Colombian writer won the Nobel Prize in Literature, so as you can imagine, is quite known among native Spanish speakers. Just as Cortázar, García Márquez wrote both stories and novels. In his work, he mixes reality with some fantastic elements and, of course, love stories. Although their books are beautiful, keep in mind that some of them may be challenging for new-Spanish speakers. 

What stories/novels would I suggest to you?

  • Ladrón de sábado
  • Retinoblastoma
  • Espantos de agosto
  • El amor en los tiempos del cólera (advanced level)
  • Cien años de soledad (advanced level)

1. Ella lo esperaba…

When you are away from a loved one, receiving a small signal can give us the strength to continue.

“Ella lo esperaba con tal ansiedad, que la sola sonrisa de él, le devolvía el aliento.”

English Translation

“She would wait for him with so longing that only this smile allowed her to breathe again.” 

2. Lo único que me duele…

Although this Spanish quote about love is a bit intense, it is perfect for those who like tragic stories.

“Lo único que me duele de morir es que no sea de amor”. 

English Translation

“The only regret I will have in dying is if it not for love”

3. Si supiera…

Sometimes, we don’t value the people around us and, as a result, we don’t make them feel how special they are to us. This simple phrase by Gabriel García Márquez will help you to remind your partner or loved ones how much you love them.

“Si supiera que estos son los últimos minutos que te veo diría te quiero, y no asumiría tontamente, que ya lo sabes.”

Englis Translation

“If I knew this was the last time I see you, I’d tell you I love you, and would not just assume foolishly you know it already.”

4. El amor es un sentimiento contranatural…

Without a doubt, understanding love is one of the most complicated issues for a human being. However, Gabriel García Márquez helps us with this definition.

“El amor es un sentimiento contranatural que une a dos desconocidos en una relación mezquina e insalubre, cuanto más intensa, tanto más efímera”. 

English Translation

“Love was an unnatural feeling, condemning two strangers to a petty and unhealthy dependency, the more ephemeral the more intense.”

5. Ofrecer amistad…

Almost everyone has happened that the person we love does not feel the same for us and asks us to be friends. However, being friends with someone you love can be very difficult.

“Ofrecer amistad al que busca amor es dar pan al que se muere de sed.”

English Translation

“To offer friendship to those who seek love is to give bread to those who die of thirst.”

Spanish Quotes about love by Jaime Sabines 

If you don’t like poetry, you have to read Jaime Sabines to change your mind. This Mexican poet is very easy to read. Therefore, it’s a perfect opportunity to start improving your reading skills and vocabulary. Furthermore, if you like phrases about love, Sabines’s poems are perfect for that. Since poems are not as long as a novel, reading this type of work would allow you to focus on the tenses and vocabulary. 

What poems would I suggest to you?

  • Tu nombre
  • Me doy cuenta de que me faltas
  • Me tienes en tus manos
  • No es que muera de amor
  • Te quiero a las diez de la mañana

1. No es que muera de amor…

If you feel a little more poetic, you can dedicate the following words to your partner. Similarly, they are also perfect for sharing on your social networks.

“No es que muera de amor, muero de ti. Muero de ti, amor, de amor de ti, de urgencia mía de mi piel de ti, de mi alma, de ti y de mi boca y del insoportable que yo soy sin ti.”

English Translation

“I’m not dying of love: I’m dying of you. Dying of the love of you, of my dire need for my skin of you, of my soul and my mouth of you, of the miserable wretch I am without you.”

2. Te quiero, sí, te quiero…

Over time, the relationship between two people begins to develop to the extent that silences are not uncomfortable. The following sentence is perfect for letting your partner know this.

“Te quiero, sí, te quiero: pero a medida de que te quiero se me van haciendo innecesarias las palabras.”

English Translation

“I love you, yes, I love you: but as I love you I’m getting unnecessary words.”

3. Te quiero como…

Although there is more than one important person in your life, some loves are more special than others. If your relationship is like that, do not hesitate to dedicate the following Spanish quote about love. 

“Te quiero como se quiere a ciertos amores, a la antigua, con el alma y sin mirar atrás“

English Translation

“I love you in a certain way, the old-fashioned way, with the soul and without looking back.”

Spanish Quotes about love by Pablo Neruda

Although there are many and great writers in Spanish, this Spanish quote love list wouldn’t be complete without Pablo Neruda. Even though his poems are deep, they are also easy to read. So you can start reading and using them to learn more vocabulary and to pay attention to the tenses. 

What poems would I suggest to you?

  • No culpes a nadie
  • No estés lejos de mí
  • Puedo escribir los versos más tristes esta noche

1. Es tan corto…

Although love is one of the most beautiful feelings, there is no doubt that when it ends, it can be very painful. In a situation like that, it seems that forgetting the other person is an impossible task. As the following Spanish quote about love demonstrates.

“Es tan corto el amor y es tan largo el olvido”

English Translation

“Love is so short, forgetting is so long”

2. Si nada nos salva…

Although being alive is wonderful, life is also full of suffering and injustice. Therefore, the only thing we have left in those cases is to cling to pleasant situations.

“Si nada nos salva de la muerte, al menos que el amor nos salve de la vida.”

English Translation

“If nothing saves us from death, may love at least save from life.”

3. En un beso…

This Spanish quote about love is perfect for those occasions when all you need is an opportunity to show that special person how much you love her/him.

“En un beso sabrás todo lo que he callado.”

English Translation

“In one kiss, you’ll know all I haven’t said.”

Spanish Quotes about love by Mario Benedetti

If you like to read poems in Spanish, you should also include Mario Benedetti in your list. This Uruguayan poet writes about different topics in a beautiful but simple way. Furthermore, he also writes novels, stories, and plays, so if you don’t feel like reading poetry, you’ll certainly find something you like. As you’ll see, his quotes about love hit the nail and they are perfect for a date or a special occasion with your partner. 

What stories and poems would I suggest to you?

  • La noche de los feos
  • El niño cinco mil millones
  • Amor, de tarde
  • Hagamos un trato

1. Que alguien…

Although having the physical contact of the loved one is important, sometimes, the presence of that person is sufficient.

“Que alguien te haga sentir cosas sin ponerte un dedo encima, eso es admirable.”

English Translation

“That someone makes you feel things without putting a finger on you, that’s admirable“

2. Sé que voy a…

Accepting the other person with their virtues and defects is essential for a good relationship. And if you want to let them know, nothing better than the following Spanish quote about love. 

“Sé que voy a quererte sin preguntas, sé que voy a quererte sin respuestas.”

English Translation

“I know I’m going to love you without questions, I know I’m going to love you without the answers”

3. Yo amo, tú amas…

Although sometimes we thinking that love is just about a couple, the truth is that this feeling is bigger than that. Mario Benedetti captures this thought in his phrase and leads us to think that if people paid more attention to love, we could have a better world.

“Yo amo, tú amas, él ama, nosotros amamos, vosotros amáis, ellos aman. Ojalá no fuese conjugación sino realidad.”

English Translation

“I love, you love, he loves, we love, you all love, they love. I wish that was a reality instead of just conjugation.  

4. I left you thinking…

This Spanish quote by Mario Benedetti is perfect for those occasions when you want to tell your partner not to forget you.

“Te he dejado pensando en muchas cosas, pero ojalá pienses un poco en mí.”

English Translation

“I left you thinking about many things, but may you think a little in me.”

5. Te espero cuando…

Although being apart from the person you love can be very difficult, no doubt, you will always look for ways to be close to him or her.

“Te espero cuando miremos al cielo de noche: tú allá, yo aquí.”

English Translation

“I wait for you when we look at the night sky, you there, me here.”

Spanish Quotes About Love by Ángeles Mastretta and Carlos Ruiz Zafón

If you want to start reading novels to improve your Spanish, Ángeles Mastretta and Carlos Ruiz Zafón wrote very good books. Mastretta’s work tends to mix love stories with politics and History of Mexico. Despite this, her books are easy to read. If you want to start reading novels to improve your Spanish, Ángeles Mastretta and Carlos Ruiz Zafón wrote very good books. Mastretta’s work tends to mix love stories with politics and History of Mexico. Despite this, her books are easy to read.  Carlos Ruiz Zafón is a Spanish writer and is very well by his novels. Some of his books are for young people. As a result, they are easy to read and entertaining. On top of that, you will also be able to find more challenging books. 

What books would I suggest to you?

  • Mal de amores (Ángela Mastretta)
  • Arráncame la vida (Ángela Mastretta)
  • Trilogía de la Medianoche (Carlos Ruiz Zafón)
  • Marina (Carlos Ruiz Zafón)
  • La sombra del viento (Carlos Ruiz Zafón)

1. Of all the risks…

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cómo sería tu vida si no te hubieras dado la oportunidad de tener una relación con la persona que amas? La siguiente frase de amor de Ángeles Mastretta resume ese sentimiento: 

“De todos los riesgos que ha corrido por usted, el único que no hubiera corrido nunca es el de no haberlo hecho”.

English Translation

““Of all the risks that have run for you, the only one that has never run is the one of not having done it”

2. Nadie se muere de amor…

El amor y el desamor son dos caras de la misma moneda y, sin duda, cuando alguien tiene el corazón roto siente que su mundo se acabó. Sin embargo, como Mastretta dijo:

“Nadie se muere de amor…Ni aunque quisiéramos.”

English Translation

“Nobody dies from love…even if we want it to.”

3. Se enamoró…

They say that the heart does not know of reasons. Therefore when we are in love, we are unable to think coldly.

“Se enamoró como se enamoran siempre las mujeres inteligentes: como una idiota”.

English Translation

“She fell in love the way intelligent women always fall in love; like an idiot”

4. Corazones rotos…

Sin duda, todos nos hemos tenido el corazón roto en algún momento de nuestras vidas. Sin embargo, el tiempo y la madurez nos permitirán lidiar mejor con futuras rupturas. La siguiente frase amor en español de Carlos Ruiz Zafón es perfecta para describir esto. 

“¿Sabe lo mejor de los corazones rotos? Que solo pueden romperse de verdad una vez. Lo demás son rasguños.”

English Translation

“Do you know the best thing about broken hearts? They can only really break once the rest are just scratches.”

5. En el momento en que te paras…

Amar a alguien es natural y que no necesita de explicaciones. Por lo tanto, la siguiente frase de Zafón dice que, cuando necesitas considerar si todavía tienes sentimientos por esa persona, lo más probable es que ya no sientas nada. 

“En el momento en que te paras a pensar si quieres a alguien, ya has dejado de quererle para siempre.”

English Translation

“The moment you stop to think about whether you love someone, you’ve already stopped loving that person forever.”

Some Tips to Start Reading in Spanish

As mentioned before, reading in a new language can help you to increase and reinforce your vocabulary. Therefore, this activity can be really helpful for being fluent in Spanish. All the authors mentioned in this post are quite famous, so you won’t have any issues finding their books or stories. Keep in mind that some of them write poems, novels or stories. It would be up to you to choose the perfect length for you. Here are some tips to make the most from your reading sessions. 

  • Be patient with yourself. When starting to read in Spanish, many new speakers get frustrated because they feel they are not understanding enough or because they are reading to fast. However, you should keep in mind that Spanish is not your mother tongue and, therefore, it’s not going to be the same that reading on your own language.
  • Set some goals. One way you can deal with being frustrated or overwhelmed by the book is to set some goals. What type of goals? You can try to learn a certain number of words per day or you can just focus on checking the tenses. The point is to make your task a little bit easier. 
  • Choose the right book/genre. Since I love books, the first time that I tried to read a book in English I chose the biggest that I could find on the store. Huge mistake. On top of that, the plot wasn’t very easy. What was the result? I didn’t read it because the vocabulary was too advanced for me. So try to choose something simple and short to start. You could start with some poems and just focus on the vocabulary and the verbs. Or a book for children is also a good idea. 

Wrapping Up

In this post, we saw 31 of the most beautiful Spanish quotes about love. Furthermore, we show some writers that you can look to improve your reading skills and your vocabulary in Spanish. On top of that, we gave you some tips to make the most of your reading sessions. Now that you know some Spanish quotes about love, you can start using them with your partner or to share it on your social media accounts. 

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