Cachito in Spanish – Translations, Meanings & Uses

What does ‘cachito’ in Spanish mean?

In Spanish, the word ‘cachito’ is an informal term used to refer to a small piece or a small quantity of something. Depending on the situation, it can be translated as ‘a tiny bit’, ‘a little bit’, ‘a small slice’ and other variations.

‘Cachito’ is a very popular word in Mexican Spanish. So if you’re looking to learn more vocabulary for this Spanish dialect, in the next sections, I’ll explain to you how and when to use this word. 

What Does ‘Cachito’ Mean in Spanish

Cachito is the diminutive form of the Spanish word ‘cacho’, which is an informal term that we use to refer to a piece of something. So, as you can see, when using cachito, we’re actually talking about a small or tiny piece

Since it’s used to refer to small portions or things, cachito can be used when talking about food, objects, or a fragment of a song, movie or book. Although this is a very popular word, don’t forget that ‘cachito’ in Spanish is more suitable for informal contexts. 

Take Note: Depending on the country, ‘cachito’ may have different meanings. For example, in Venezuela, it’s the name of a dish. In Argentina and Chile, people use it to refer to a brief moment and can be translated as ‘a bit’ or ‘a little while’.

How to Use ‘Cachito’ in Spanish

Below are some real-life examples of how to use this word. 

To refer to little pieces

As established before, in Mexico, we use ‘cachito’ to refer to a small portion or piece of something. Although you may think that this term is only applicable when talking about food, you can also use it when talking about things that you can cut or divide into smaller pieces. 

In this context, ‘cachito’ is close in meaning to:

  • Small piece or small slice
  • A bit  
  • A tiny bit
  • Little piece

Here is a common structure you use. Notice that, unless this information is clear, you’ll need to use a noun to explain what it’s the thing you’re talking about. 

[Determiner] + cachito + de + [noun]

¿Puedo agarrar un cachito de pastel?
Can I have a tiny bit of cake?

Sólo queda un cachito de queso.
There’s only a little piece of cheese left.

Toma, yo te doy un cachito de mi hamburguesa
Here, I’ll give you a small piece of my burger

Ulises no me dio ni un cachito de brownie.
Ulises didn’t give me a tiny bit of brownie.

Vi un cachito de Avatar y no me gustó.
I watched a bit of Avatar, and I didn’t like it.

Hay un cachito de este poema que me encanta.
There’s a little fragment of this poem that I love.

As explained before, ‘cachito’ not only works with tangible objects. In fact, you can also use it when talking about the fragment of a song, movie or book. Check examples #5 and #6. 

Synonyms for ‘Cachito’ in Spanish

Trocito is the diminutive form of ‘trozo’. This is a more standard term to talk about a small piece or portion of something. Depending on the object you’re talking about, it can be translated as ‘piece’ or ‘slice’

Pedacito is the direct translation of ‘little piece’. This word is a standard term that can be used across all Spanish-speaking countries. 

Porción is a more formal term that is suitable when talking about food. However, unlike other terms from this list, it doesn’t imply size or amount. It can be translated as ‘portion’. 

Fragmento can be translated as ‘fragment’, ‘piece’ or ‘extract’. In Spanish, we use this word to talk about the part of songs, movies or books. We can also use it to refer to the remaining pieces of something.

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