La Regué – Translations & Meanings in English

DefinitionLa regué is an informal expression that Spanish speakers use to express that they made or are about to make a mistake. In this context, ‘la regué’ means ‘to blow it’ or ‘to mess up’. This expression comes from the verb regar which in standard Spanish means ‘to water’. 

What Does ‘La regué’ Means?

  • Translation #1: In standard Spanish, ‘regar’ means ‘to water’. 
  • Translation #2: As a slang term, la regué means ‘to mess up’ or ‘to blow it’. 

How and When to use ‘La Regué’

  • As a synonym of ‘to water’. In standard contexts, la regué could be used to express that a feminine object is being ‘watered’ or ‘irrigated’. This type of meaning is very useful when talking about gardening. 
  • To express that you make a mistake. In Latin American countries, la regué is a popular expression that people use to express that they made a mistake. As a result, it can be translated as ‘to blow it’ or ‘to mess up’. This meaning is only suitable for informal conversations. 

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Examples on How to Use ‘La Regué’

Here are some examples of how to use ‘la regué’ in real-life situations. 

To talk about mistakes

As an informal expression, ‘la regué’ is very popular since it allows people to talk about their mistakes. Although this phrase is quite popular in Latin American countries, it’s especially common in:

  • Mexico
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua 
  • Panama 
  • Ecuador
  • Peru

Here is the phrase structure that you need to follow to use this expression. Notice that ‘la’ never changes. 

[La] + [regar conjugated]

¡La neta la regué! Esto no iba aquí
Honestly, I blew it! This doesn’t go here

Tú fuiste el que la regó, pídele disculpas
You were the one that messed up, tell him that you’re sorry

Ya sabemos que la regamos, pero no queremos más problemas 
We know that we blew it, but we don’t want more troubles

Take Note: You can conjugate ‘regar’ to any tense you need. Just keep in mind that ‘la’ is always a constant. 

As a synonym of ‘to water’

In standard Spanish, the verb ‘regar’ means ‘to water’ and it follows a different structure. As a standard term, this meaning of ‘regar’ is applicable in all Spanish speaking countries. 

[Regar conjugated] + [determiner] + [noun]

Todos los días riego mis plantas
Every day I water my plants 

El jardinero no regó el pasto
The gardener didn’t water the lawn

¡Riega tus flores o se te van a secar!
Water your flowers or they are going to dry out!

Who Can You Use ‘La regué’ With?

In its slang meaning, la regué can only be used in informal conversations and in a few Latin American countries. Its standard form can be used in any Spanish speaking country and in both formal or informal contexts. 

Synonyms: 4 Ways To Say ‘La regué’

  • Regar el tepache → It’s a Mexican slang expression that also talks about mistakes. It’s more informal than ‘la regué’.
  • Equivocarse → It’s the most standard way to express that someone made a mistake. 
  • Cometer un error → It means ‘to make a mistake’. This expression is slightly more formal than ‘equivocarse’. 
  • Meter la pata → It’s a casual and standard expression that means ‘to put your foot in it’ or ‘to make a mistake’. It’s suitable for informal situations.

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