Metiche – Translation and Meaning in English

Definition Metiche is a slang word used in Spanish speaking countries to describe a person that likes to interfere in someone else’s business. It can also be used to refer to a person that is overhearing a conversation. Depending on the context, ‘metiche’ could be translated as ‘nosy’, ‘busybody’ or ‘meddler’. 

What does ‘Metiche’ mean?

  • Translation #1: It’s used as a casual synonym of ‘busybody’ or ‘meddler’. 
  • Translation #2: It can also mean ‘nosy’. 

How and When to use ‘Metiche’?

  • As a synonym of ‘busybody’ or ‘meddler’. ‘Metiche’ is a Spanish adjective that we use to describe a person that likes to interfere in other people’s business or affairs. In this context, we also use it to refer to a person that gives unsolicited advice. Therefore, in this situation, ‘metiche’ could be translated as ‘busybody’ or ‘meddler’. 
  • As a synonym of ‘nosy’. This Spanish slang word is also used to describe that a person that is overhearing a private conversation. In this context, ‘metiche’ means ‘nosy’

Examples of How to Use Metiche

Here are some simple examples of how to use ‘metiche’ correctly in real-life situations.

As a synonym of ‘busybody’ or ‘meddler’

In Spanish, we use ‘metiche’ to refer to a person that either tends to interfere with other people’s affairs or that gives unsolicited advice. Under this definition, ‘metiche’ is close in meaning to ‘busybody’ or ‘meddler’. 

Something that you need to keep in mind when using this word is that it doesn’t have a masculine or feminine form. In other words, we use ‘metiche’ for both men and women. 

No le quiero contar porque ya sabes que es bien metiche
I don’t want to tell her because you know that she’s such a busybody

¡No seas metiche, nadie te pidió ayuda!
Don’t be such a meddler nobody asked you for help!

Like any other adjective, you can add some adverbs before ‘metiche’ to emphasize your sentences. 

Mi vecina es muy metiche, siempre se mete en lo que no le imports
My neighbor is such a busybody, she’s always sticking her nose in everybody’s business

As a synonym of ‘nosy’

Another way you can use ‘metiche’ is to describe a person that likes to overhear other people’s conversations. Spanish speakers also use this word as a way to make the other person notice that they were caught listening to a private conversation.

Espérate, deja que esta metiche se Avaya
Let’s wait until this nosy girl goes away

¡Ay metiche! No te estoy hablando a ti
Hey, nosy! I wasn’t talking to you

Even though this type of phrase may seem a little bit aggressive, keep in mind that many times Spanish speakers use them in a teasing way with their friends, especially, if they were caught overhearing by accident. 

Who Can You Use ‘Metiche’ With?

As mentioned before, ‘metiche’ is a slang adjective that we use in Spanish speaking countries. Therefore is only appropriate for casual conversations or contexts. When used as a synonym of ‘busybody’ or ‘meddler’, Spanish speakers use this word to describe a person. However, they try to avoid using it in front of this person because it can be considered very rude. When used as a synonym of ‘nosy’, young Spanish speakers may call their friends ‘metiches’ as long as it’s done in a teasing or friendly, mocking way.  

Other Ways to Say ‘Morro’

Here are other synonyms that you can use to replace ‘morro’ when needed.

  • Chismoso  Chismoso is the direct translation of ‘gossipy’, but it can also be used to refer to a person that overhears other people’s conversations.  
  • Cotilla This is an informal word that is only used in Spain. On top of being a synonym of ‘metiche’, it also describes a person that likes to gossip. This word is used to describe both a man or a woman. 
  • Entrometido ‘Entrometido’ is the standard form of ‘busybody’ or ‘meddler’. Spanish speakers tend to use this word in formal conversations. 
  • Meche This is a Mexican slang word that we use as an exact synonym of ‘metiche’. Something that you need to keep in is that ‘meche’ can also be used as a nickname for the given name Mercedes. Here you’ll find a list of the most common Mexican nicknames for given names
  • Metomentodo This is another standard word that means ‘busybody’ or ‘meddler’. This word is slightly more formal and, as a result, it’s very common to see it in books or tv shows. 

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