The Complete Spanish Learning Kit

What’s Included

  • My 9 Hack to Learning Spanish Faster
  • 18 Spanish Vocab Lists
  • 20 “Secret” Spanish Patterns
  • 150+ Conversational Spanish Questions, Responses & Sentences
  • 375+ Must-Know Adjectives, Adverbs, Pronouns, Prepositions & Articles
  • Spanish Learner’s Roadmap
  • Top 27 Verbs to Build Phrases
  • Top 200+ Spanish Verbs
  • Always know what to learn next to master Spanish Step-by-Step
  • Track your knowledge and progress with checklists

BONUSES: Get Extras to help you with your Spanish

  • Lesson Notes PDFs for my YouTube Videos
    • Get the entire vault of Lesson PDFs I create for a selection of my YouTube videos.
  • 22 Tricky Spanish Words Cheat sheets
    • Accelerate your path to Fluent Spanish by mastering the hardest synonyms and most commonly confused words in Spanish! Included with your Spanish Learner’s Roadmaps.
  • Telling Time Cheat sheet
    • Includes exercises on the cheat sheet you can use to practice and reference for later.
  • Video lessons from me!
    • A walkthrough of the Spanish Learning Kit.
    • Discover which type of Spanish to learn.
    • Find out how to learn Spanish faster, easier, and stick with it in the long run! 🙂

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