Spanish Quizzes to Test & Practice Your Knowledge

When learning Spanish, practicing is key. Doing some exercises can help you reinforce and absorb the rules, words, and concepts you’ve learned. For that reason, I’ve created some useful quizzes that will help you practice some grammar and vocabulary topics that tend to be confusing for most learners. 

Here is a list of quizzes that you can use to test and practice your command of Spanish: 

Past Participles in Spanish 

graphic explaining how to form past participles in spanish

In Spanish, past participles are words that you have to use when building the present perfect tense or when describing physical states or emotional conditions. If you are struggling to form these words, this fill-in-the-blanks quiz will help you practice some common past participle conjugations. Take the Spanish Past Participles quiz now!

Grammar Practice: Present Perfect in Spanish

table explaining how to conjugate the present perfect tense in spanish

Conjugating the Spanish present perfect tense can be daunting for many new learners because of the elements that must be used to form this tense. So, if you have already learned this tense, you can practice your conjugations by answering this present perfect quiz

Forming Spanish Gerunds

graphic showing how to form gerunds in spanish

If you’re studying tenses and conjugations, you probably already know about Spanish gerunds. Since they look very similar, many students confuse gerunds with past participles. So, to help you improve and better understand this topic, I created a fill-in-the-blanks quiz where you get to form gerunds. Test your knowledge with the Spanish Gerunds Quiz!

Get a Step-by-Step Map to Learning Spanish

Join the Tell Me In Spanish community and get a copy of my step-by-step Spanish Learner’s Roadmaps and tricky synonyms & vocab cheat sheets.

Tener Quiz – Conjugation Practice

table showing how to conjugate the verb tener in spanish

Are you struggling to remember the different conjugations of the verb ‘tener’ in Spanish? If so, you may want to practice by taking this ‘tener’ quiz. Because it’s such an important verb, this exercise will help you reinforce some of the most common applications of this verb in addition to practicing different conjugations. See your level of mastery of this common verb with the Tener in Spanish Quiz.  

Practice Spanish ‘Saber’ vs ‘Conocer’

Since they share the same translation, saber and conocer can be confusing for many Spanish learners. So, in this quiz, you’ll find different sentences that you must complete by using one verb or the other. Make sure you understand the context before answering the questions. We’ve included concrete explanations to let you know the reasons why each is correct for the question and context. 

Practice: Telling the Time in Spanish

graphic explaining how to tell time in spanish

In order to tell the time in Spanish properly, there are different elements that you need to use. You can practice these rules and structures by answering this multiple-choice quiz

Spanish Preterite Tense Quiz 

graphic explaining how to conjugate the preterite tense in spanish

The preterite tense can be a challenging and confusing tense for many Spanish learners. For that reason, in this fill-in-the-blanks quiz, you will find sentences that will help you practice different preterite conjugations. To make the most out of this exercise, read the sentences carefully and try to identify the contexts where you need to use this tense. Take the Spanish Preterite quiz now!

Practice the Spanish Imperfect Tense 

table showing how to conjugate the imperfect tense in spanish

The Spanish imperfect tense is an easy tense when it comes to conjugations. However, understanding the situations where you need to use this tense is far more complicated. The purpose of this Spanish imperfect quiz is to help you practice conjugations while providing you with real-life examples and concrete explanations of the situations where you need to use this tense. 

Practice ‘Desde’ vs ‘Desde Hace’ in Spanish

Did you know that both desde and desde hace are expressions that measure time? Do you know when you are supposed to use one or the other? If you need to reinforce these concepts, you can practice or quiz yourself by completing these ‘desde’ vs ‘desde hace’ exercises. 

Spanish ‘Muy’ vs ‘Mucho’ Quiz

Muy and mucho can be easily confused when learning Spanish. If you’re ready to test your knowledge and command of these words, you should take this ‘muy’ vs ‘mucho’ quiz. Read the sentence and, based on the elements provided, complete the statement by adding the correct answer.    

Practice Spanish Pero vs Sino Quiz

In Spanish, pero and sino have very subtle differences. However, as an intermediate or advanced Spanish learner, you should be able to use these words correctly. In this pero vs sino quiz, you’ll find different sentences that must be completed by choosing the correct term for that given context.

Spanish Possessive Adjectives Quiz

Spanish possessive adjectives are a key part of a basic Spanish conversation. As a result, in this multiple choice quiz, you’ll find numerous sentences that will help you practice using these words. 

table showing spanish possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns

Spanish Possessive Pronouns Quiz

As a beginner, you may confuse Spanish possessive pronouns with possessive adjectives. To overcome this common mistake, complete the exercises in this possessive pronouns quiz. Read the sentences and try to identify the pattern that triggers the use of these words. 

Reflexive Verbs Quiz

graphic showing how to identify a reflexive verb in spanish

Conjugating Spanish reflexive verbs is difficult for many people. Whether you’re struggling with this topic or just want to test your knowledge, taking this reflexive verbs quiz will help you practice your conjugations. Be aware! To make this quiz as practical as possible, you also have to make sure that you’re conjugating the reflexive verb to the proper tense. Start the Reflexive Verbs quiz.

Reflexive or Non Reflexive Verbs Spanish Quiz

graphic showing the difference between reflexive and non-reflexive verbs in spanish

One of the most challenging things about reflexive verbs is being able to identify when you’re supposed to use this type of verb instead of a non-reflexive verb. Have you experienced this issue? If so, in this reflexive vs non-reflexive verbs quiz, you’ll find 15 different questions that will help you practice this concept.

‘Pedir’ vs ‘Preguntar’ Quiz

Since they share the same translation, you may have to use pedir instead of preguntar in certain situations. If you’re struggling to see the difference between this set of words, this multiple-choice quiz will provide you with the practice you need to nail them. Practice Pedir vs Preguntar now.

Practice Spanish ‘Jugar’ vs ‘Tocar’ Quiz

This ‘jugar’ vs ‘tocar’ multiple choice quiz is a good opportunity for you to make sure that you understand the difference between this pair of words. Since these words are often confused by Spanish learners, read the sentences and choose the best answer to complete each statement. 

Practice Spanish ‘Qué’ vs ‘Cuál’ Quiz

graphic showing the difference between que and cual

Since they are used in similar situations, many Spanish learners assume that qué and cuál are interchangeable. However, these words have different applications. This ‘qué’ vs ‘cuál’ quiz will help you gauge your command of these two critical words. In addition to practicing this vocabulary, you’ll also find explanations that will help you understand the contexts where you should apply these words.  

Practice Household Appliances Vocabulary Quiz

If you want to test your knowledge of household appliances vocabulary, you should take this fill-in-the-blank Household Vocabulary quiz

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