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Given the sentence, fill in the blanks with the correct verb saber or conocer. Make sure to conjugate the right verb based on the context provided. This 10 question Spanish quiz is meant to help you practice the difference between saber and conocer.  In Spanish, saber and conocer are easily confused because they both mean ‘to know’. However, each verb needs to be used in different situations. In this resource, you can learn or review the difference between ‘saber’ and ‘conocer’ in Spanish.

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¿(Tú) a la hermana de Miguel?

Do you know Miguel’s sister?

In Spanish, when talking about meeting or being acquainted with someone, we use the verb conocer. In this example, conoces is the conjugation of ‘tú’.

¿(Ustedes) cómo llegar a la casa de Leah?

Do you guys know how to get to Leah’s house

Saber is used to express that a person has some knowledge about a certain topic or situation. In this case, the directions to Leah’s house. Saben is the correct conjugation for ustedes.

Nosotros un poco de español

We know a lit bit of Spanish

In Spanish, sabemos can be used to explain the degree of knowledge that a person has on certain subjects such as languages. You can measure this knowledge with intensifiers such as mucho, poco, nada.

Yo no  México

I don’t know Mexico

Conocer is used to talk about the places or people that you know or have visited. Since in this example we’re referring to Mexico, you need to use the verb conocer. Notice that in the first person singular, conocer has some conjugation irregularities. 

Laura no hacer galletas

Laura doesn’t know how to make cookies

In Spanish, saber is also used to express people’s abilities or capabilities to do something. In this case, making cookies. Sabe is the present conjugation for Él and Ella.

¿Tú de quién es este paquete?

Do you know whose package this is?

When asking if people know or are aware of certain information (the owner of the package), we use the verb saber. Sabes is the present tense conjugation for tú. 

Paola, ¿ya a mi novio?

Paola, have you already met my boyfriend?

When referring to places or people we know, you need to use the verb conocer. Conociste is the preterite conjugation for tú.

Y, ¿ustedes cuándo se ?

When did you guys meet?

 In Spanish, conocer is translated as ‘to meet’. As a result, it’s used to talk about knowing or meeting a person for the first time. Conocieron is the past tense conjugation for ‘ustedes’.

Charlie, ¿(imperfecto) que hoy teníamos examen de español?

Charlie, did you know that we have a Spanish quiz today?

Saber can be also used to ask if people are aware or know certain information. In this example, we want to know if Charlie knew about the Spanish quiz. We use imperfect tense because it’s not clear if the quiz already took place. 

¿(Tú) quién es Brad Pitt?

Do you know who Brad Pitt is?

When talking about knowing celebrities, we use the verb saber since ‘conocer’ expresses that you actually have met this person. If you actually met Brad Pitt, you can use conocer.

Elizabeth cocinar muy bien

Elizabeth can cook very well

In addition to expressing knowledge, saber is also used to talk about people’s abilities or capabilities to do something. As a result, when expressing that Elizabeth is able to cook very well, we use the verb saber.

Quiz Results

Question Answer Given Correct Answer
¿(Tú) ______ a la hermana de Miguel?
¿(Ustedes) _______ cómo llegar a la casa de Leah?
Nosotros ______ un poco de español
Yo no  ______ México
Laura no ____ hacer galletas
¿Tú _____ de quién es este paquete?
Paola, ¿ya ______ a mi novio?
Y, ¿ustedes cuándo se ______?
Charlie, ¿(imperfecto) _____ que hoy teníamos examen de español?
¿(Tú) _____ quién es Brad Pitt?
Elizabeth _____ cocinar muy bien

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