No Hay De Qué – Translations & Meanings in English

Definition –  No hay de qué is an expression that can be used as a way to say ‘you’re welcome’. This phrase is considered to be a standard and more formal expression than other Spanish phrases that have the same meaning. ‘No hay de que’ is closer in meaning to ‘there’s no need’ or ‘you’re very welcome’. 

What does ‘No Hay De Qué’ mean?

  • Translation #1: It means ‘there’s no need’ or ‘you’re very welcome’. 

How and When to use ‘No Hay De Qué’?

  • To respond to the phrase ‘thank you’. No hay de que is a Spanish expression people use to say ‘you’re welcome’, as a result, we use it as a way to answer people’s gratitude. Unlike other phrases, ‘no hay de qué’ is more intense or stronger than ‘de nada’ or other similar expressions. It can be translated as ‘there’s no need’ or ‘you’re very welcome’. 

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Examples on How to Use ‘No Hay De Qué’

Here are some real-life examples so you can see how to apply ‘no hay de qué’ in your conversations.  

Using ‘No Hay De Qué’ in a Sentence

In Spanish, ‘no hay de qué’ is the shortened version of ‘no hay de qué estar agradecido’ (there’s no need to thank/there’s no need to be thankful). ‘No hay de qué’ is not only more polite than other Spanish expressions for ‘you’re welcome’, but it also implies a deeper and stronger feeling of helping others. 

Tú: Aaron, muchas gracias por haberme ayudado ayer. You: Aaron, thank you very much for helping me yesterday. 
Tu amigo: ¡No hay de qué! Cualquier cosa que necesites, amigo. Your friend: There’s no need. Anything you need, man. 
Tu jefe: Oye, Víctor, ya recibí los diseños. Muchas gracias, están muy bien. You: Hey, Victor, I already received the designs. Thanks so much, they’re very good. 
Tú: No hay de qué. ¡Qué bueno que te gustaron!Your friend: There’s no need. I’m glad you liked them!
El mesero: Aquí tiene la bebida que me pidió, señor. The waiter: Here is the drink that you asked for, sir. 
Tú: ¡Muchas gracias!You: Thank you very much!
El mesero: No hay de qué, para servirle. The waiter: You’re very welcome, happy to help. 

Where & Who Can You Use ‘No Hay De Qué’ With?

In Argentina, this expression is considered too outdated and formal, as a result, it may not be commonly used in this country. Using this expression to say you’re welcome depends more on your personal preference. In most other Spanish speaking countries, it’s considered standard Spanish and acceptable to use.

Other Ways to Say ‘No Hay De Qué’

Here are other synonyms that you can use to replace ‘no hay de qué’ when needed. 

  • De qué → ‘De qué’ is a short version of ‘no hay de qué’. However, it’s slightly more casual than the full expression. 
  • De nada → It’s the direct translation of ‘you are welcome’ As a result, it’s the most popular expression that people use for this situation. 
  • No hay por qué → ‘No hay por qué’ is an exact synonym of ‘no hay de qué’. Using one or the other will depend on each Spanish speaking country as well as the speaker’s personal preference. 

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