Andar de Volada – Translation and Meaning in English

It’s very likely that you have heard ‘de volada’ in different contexts. However, ‘Andar de volada’ or ‘Andar de volado’ express that a person is ‘flirting’.

What does ‘Andar de volada’ mean?

  • Translation #1: When using the expression ‘Andar de volada’, you are saying that a person is flirting.
  • Translation #2: You can also hear or see the word ‘volado’ with the verb ‘Ser’. In this case, you are saying that a person is ‘flirty’.

How to use ‘Andar de volada’?

  • The expression ‘Andar de volada’ talks about girls. As a result, if you want to talk about boys, you need to change the phrase to ‘Andar de volado’.
  • This Mexican slang expression is used to describe that a person is flirting. In this situation, you could change the verb ‘Andar’, for the verb ‘Estar’.
  • It’s possible that you also hear ‘volado’ or ‘volada’ with the verb ‘Ser’. However, you only want to use this structure to say that a person is flirty.


Here are some sentences that are going to help you understand better how to use ‘Andar de volado o volada’

To express that someone is flirting

¡Deja de estar de volado! Stop flirting!

Tu novio anduvo de volado en la fiesta Your boyfriend was flirting in the party

Mis vecinas siempre andan de voladas con mi hermano My neighbors are always flirting with my brother

Notice that the word ‘volado’ is an adjective. Therefore, it has to agree on both in number and gender with the subject.

To say that a person is flirty

Jessica es muy volada Jessica is very flirty

¡No es bueno para ti! Escuché que es un volado He is not good for you! I head he is flirty

Who Can You Use This Word With?

Although ‘Andar de volada’ or ‘Andar de volado’ are slang expressions, you can use them in all situations. Just keep in mind that is a Mexican phrase and, therefore, not all the Spanish speaking countries may know it.

Other Ways to Say ‘Andar de volada’

Other ways to say this word are:

  • Coquetear This is the literal translation for ‘flirting’. So every time you want to say that a person is flirting you can use ‘Coquetear’.
  • Estar de coqueta You can use this expression following the same rules that we saw for ‘Adar de volada’.

Although ‘Andar de volada’ is a popular expression in Mexico, you shouldn’t confuse it with ‘de volada’. This previous slang phrase is also very popular but it has a different meaning.

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