Cantón – Translation and Meaning in English

In Mexican slang, ‘cantón’ is a synonym of the word ‘casa’. As a result, the English translation would be ‘place’ or ‘house’.

What does ‘Cantón’ mean?

  • Translation #1: It’s the Mexican slang word for ‘house’ or ‘place’.
  • Translation #2: In more specific and formal contexts, we use this word to name the corner of a building and also as a direct translation of the English word ‘Canton’.

How and When to use ‘Cantón’?

  • As a synonym of ‘house’. We use this Mexican slang word every time we are referring to our ‘house’. However, we don’t use it in the famous phrase ‘Mi casa es tu casa’.
  • As the direct translation of ‘canton’. Just as in English there some countries that use the word canton to talk about their provinces or states, in Spanish, we do the same. Therefore, this use of the word ‘cantón’ is very limited.


If you are still not sure about how to use ‘cantón’, here are some useful examples where you can see the situations as well as how we use this word.

As a synonym of ‘house’

This is probably the most common use of the word ‘cantón’ in México. As mentioned before, ‘cantón’ is the slang term for ‘house’ or ‘place’.

¿Puedo ir a tu cantón en un rato? Can I go to your house in a few minutes?

La fiesta va a ser en el cantón de Luis The party is going to be at Luis’s house

Vamos a mi cantón y después vamos al cine Let’s go to my place and then we will go the movies

As a translation of canton

Just as in English, the Spanish word ‘cantón’ is used in very specific contexts.

Me gustaría visitar algunos cantones de Suiza I would like to visit some Swiss cantons

Who Can You Use ‘Cantón’ With?

Even though this word is a very popular Mexican word, you may want to use it only with your friends, family, and informal situations where you don’t need to pay attention to your vocabulary. As mentioned before, you wouldn’t use this slang term on the phrase ‘mi casa es tu casa’.

Other Ways to Say ‘Cantón’

Here are another synonyms that you can use instead of this Mexican word. Keep in mind that the following synonyms also have the meaning of ‘house’ or ‘place’.

  • Casa As you may know, this is the direct translation of ‘house’. So you can use it in both formal and informal contexts.
  • Chan This is another example of a slang word for ‘house’ or ‘place’. Although it’s very popular, it’s better if you use it with your friends and informal situations.

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