11 Words to Say Girlfriend in Spanish

If you’re learning Spanish, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to talk about your girlfriend in Spanish. For that reason, we compiled 11 popular expressions and words that you can use to say ‘girlfriend’ in Spanish. 

The words from this list may vary in formality as well as in the places/countries where they are most commonly used. Make sure to read the descriptions so you choose the best option for your situation. 

By the end of this, you’ll know 11 different ways to say ‘girlfriend’ in Spanish. 

1. Chica – Girlfriend / Girl

Chica is a cute and casual term that you can use in Spanish to say ‘girlfriend’. Depending on the context, this expression can be translated either as ‘my girl’ or ‘my girlfriend’. ‘Chica’ can be used either as a way to call your girlfriend or as a way to refer to her when talking to others. 

This expression is very popular in Spain and Mexico, but since ‘chica’ is a standard word, you can use it in other Spanish-speaking countries and people will be able to understand you.

Laura, ¿quieres ser mi chica?
Laura, do you want to be my girlfriend?

¿Cómo está tu chica? Hace mucho que no la veo
How is your girl? I haven’t seen her in a while

Hola, mucho gusto soy la chica de Pablo
Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Pablo’s girlfriend

Nuestras chicas se fueron de vacaciones a la playa
Our girlfriend went on vacation to the beach

Take Note: Chica is the direct translation of ‘girl’ or ‘small’. In informal conversations, it can also be used as a synonym for ‘girlfriend. In order to know what meaning is being used, you’ll need to pay attention to the context. 

2. Novia – Girlfriend

As you may know, novia is the most standard and common way to say ‘girlfriend’ in Spanish. The advantage of this word is that it’s suitable for both formal and informal situations. On top of this, as a standard term, you can use it in all Spanish speaking countries. 

For some speakers, novia can be a very formal term to label their relationship since, in some contexts, this word refers to the bride. However, nowadays, Spanish speakers use this word when they are in a relationship that isn’t necessarily marriage. 

Tu novia es muy buena en español
Your girlfriend is very good at Spanish

Daniela no es mi novia
Daniela is not my girlfriend

Oigan, chavos, ¿van a invitar a sus novias?
Hey, guys, are you going to invite your girlfriends?

La ex novia de mi hermano vive en España
My brother’s ex-girlfriend lives in Spain

3. Morra – Girlfriend

In Mexico, morra is a very popular slang term that means ‘girlfriend’. Since this term is very casual, it’s only suitable for casual conversations. ‘Morra’ is mostly used to refer indirectly to your girlfriend. As a result, it’s quite popular when talking about your girlfriend with your friends.

If you use this word to address your girlfriend directly or ask a girl to be your girlfriend, she may not be happy since ‘morra’ is such an informal and unromantic word. 

Mira, esa es la morra de Joel
Look, that’s Joel’s girlfriend

La morra de mi hermano es muy buena onda
My brother’s girlfriend is very cool

A mi morra y a mí nos gusta ir al cine
My girlfriend and I like to go to the movies

Martín y su morra se conocieron en la clase de español
Martin and his girlfriend met in Spanish class

Take Note: Morra is a popular Mexican slang word that has multiple meanings. In this context, it can be used as an informal way to say ‘girlfriend’ in Spanish. However, in general, ‘morra’ is a slang term that could mean ‘girl’ or ‘daughter’. 

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4. Enamorada – Girlfriend

Enamorada is another popular term that you can use to say ‘girlfriend’ in Spanish. This word is very common in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. In this context, enamorada is translated as ‘girlfriend’ and for some Spanish speakers, it can be used as a cutesy and playful way to refer to their girlfriends. 

¿Por qué no vino tu enamorada?
Why didn’t your girlfriend come?

Este reloj me lo regaló mi enamorada
My girlfriend gave me this watch

¿Cómo se llama tu enamorada?
What’s your girlfriend’s name?

Paola no es mi enamorada, pero me gustaría que lo fuera
Paola is not my girlfriend, but I would like her to be

5. Polola – Girlfriend

If you’re in Chile or Bolivia, polola is one of the most popular ways to say ‘girlfriend’. Since it’s a slang term, ‘polola’ is only suitable for informal conversations. On top of that, keep in mind that this word may not be known in other Spanish speaking countries. So make sure you use it in the right contexts. 

¿Quién es la polola de Joaquín?
Who is Joaquín’s girlfriend?

Salúdame a tu polola
Say hi to your girlfriend for me

El sábado por la noche voy a salir con mi polola
I’m going out with my girlfriend on Saturday night

¿Por qué no le compras estas flores a tu polola?
Why don’t you buy these flowers for your girlfriend?

Take Note: Although it’s an informal and slang term, polola is actually used to refer to a serious relationship. 

6. Pareja – Partner / Significant other

In Spanish, pareja is a neutral and more formal term that you can use to talk about your girlfriend. Depending on the context, ‘pareja’ can be translated as ‘partner’ or ‘significant other’. Just like in English, this word is only used when being in a formal and committed relationship. 

If you don’t like using the word ‘novia’ or some of its synonyms, you can use ‘partner’, just beware that you’ll be expressing that your relationship is quite serious. 

A mi pareja no le gusta el chocolate
My partner doesn’t like chocolate

No soy soltero, tengo pareja 
I’m not single, I have a partner

Nos da gusto de conocer a la pareja de Luis
We’re happy to meet Luis’s significant other

Nuestras parejas no están invitadas a esta fiesta
Our partners are not invited to this party

Take Note: As a neutral term, pareja doesn’t have a feminine or masculine form. Therefore, it can either be used to talk about a female or a male partner. As a result, it’s important to pay attention to the context of the conversation. 

7. La dueña de mis quincenas – The owner of my paycheck

La dueña de mis quincenas is a cutesy and cheeky expression that people use to call or refer to their girlfriends in Spanish. Even though it’s a playful phrase, ‘la dueña de mi quincena’ is only used when referring to important women in your life, as a result, you only want to use it if you’re in a serious relationship. 

‘La dueña de mis quincenas’ is translated ‘the owner of my paycheck’ or ‘the boss’. This doesn’t imply that you’re actually giving her your money, it’s more a funny way to express that your girlfriend is very important to you. 

[La dueña de] + (possessive pronoun) + [quincenas]

Judith es la dueña de las quincas de Rubén 
Judith is the owner of Ruben’s paycheck 

¿Dónde está la dueña de tus quincenas? ¿No va a venir?
Where is the owner of your paycheck? Is she not coming?

Le voy a preguntar a la dueña de mis quincenas si quiere ir
I’m going to ask the owner of my paycheck if she wants to go

Ana, te presento a la dueña de mis quincenas
Ana, let me introduce you to the owner of my paycheck 

Take Note: La dueña de mis quincenas is a popular and casual expression that Spanish speakers use to refer to important women in their lives. As a result, it’s also suitable for wives and daughters. 

8. Güisa – Girlfriend

Güisa is an informal and common term that you can use to say ‘girlfriend’ in Guatemala. As a slang word, ‘güisa’ is only applicable to casual conversations and it’s very likely that it’s not well known in other Spanish-speaking countries. 

Nos vemos al rato, voy a casa de mi güisa
See you later, I’m going to my girlfriend’s house

Mañana es el cumpleaños de mi güisa
Tomorrow is my girlfriend’s birthday

La güisa de Jesús es muy agradable
Jesus’ girlfriend is very nice

Mi güisa es maestra de español
My girlfriend is a Spanish teacher

9. Cabra – Girlfriend

Cabra is the direct and standard translation of ‘goat’. However, in Costa Rica, ‘cabra’ is a common slang term that people use to say ‘girlfriend’, as a result, you can only use this word in casual conversations. On top of this, keep in mind that in other Spanish-speaking countries they may not be aware of this informal meaning. 

¿Esa es la cabra de tu hermano?
Is that your brother’s girlfriend?

No me cae bien la cabra de mi mejor amigo
I don’t like my best friend’s girlfriend

Esos lentes son de mi cabra
Those glasses are my girlfriend’s

El color favorito de mi cabra es el azul
My girlfriend’s favorite color is blue

Take Note: In Costa Rica, cabra can also be used as an informal word that means ‘young woman’. So make sure to pay attention to the context. 

10. Pelada – Girlfriend 

When it comes to informal or casual terms to say ‘girlfriend’ in Spanish, pelada is a popular word that Ecuadorians and Bolivians use for this purpose. ‘Pelada’ means ‘girlfriend’, but it can only be used in informal situations. 

La pelada está enojada y no sé porqué
My girlfriend is mad and I don’t know why

Esta es Rebeca, la pelada de mi hermano
This is Rebeca, my brother’s girlfriend

¿A qué hora llega tu pelada?
What time does your girlfriend arrive? 

Mañana, mi pelada y yo vamos a ir al cine
Tomorrow, my girlfriend and I are going to the movies

Take Note: In other Spanish speaking countries, ‘pelada’ is an adjective that describes a rude and foul-mouthed person. As a result, they may not understand that you’re using this word as a synonym for ‘girlfriend’. 

11. Amiga / Amiguita – Friend / Little friend 

In the context of relationships, amiga and amiguita can be used as a way to label a non-serious relationship where you’re just having fun. In this type of relationship, you cannot use ‘novia’ or its slang synonyms because these words imply some type of commitment, as a result, you will need to use ‘amiga’ or ‘amiguita’. 

By using these words, we know that the relationship is not at all serious and these people are dating with the only purpose of having fun. 

¿Quién es tu amiguita, Carlos?
Carlos, who is your little friend?

Voy a salir con una amiga
I’m going out with a friend

Ayer Saúl trajó a una de sus amiguita
Yesterday, Saul brought one of his little friends

La neta, no me cae bien tu nueva amiguita
To be honest, I don’t like your new friend 

Take Note: When using ‘amiga’ or ‘amiguita’ to talk about romantic relationships, these words have pejorative connotations.

Wrapping Up

Novia is the most standard and common way to say ‘girlfriend’ in Spanish. But, there are also other informal and popular terms that you can use with the same purpose. For that reason, we compiled a list with the most common words and expressions that mean ‘girlfriend’ in Spanish. 

When using them, remember that some of them may not be appropriate for certain situations or countries. Hopefully, now, you have more options to use when talking about la dueña de tus quincenas.

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