De Volada – Translation and Meaning in English

It’s common to confuse or think that ‘de volada’ has something to do with planes and flying, in reality, Mexican people use it as a slang phrase to say ‘quick’ or ‘fast’.

What does ‘de volada’ mean?

  • Translation #1: This Mexican slang phrase is used as a synonym of the word ‘rápido’. As a result, you could translate it as ‘quick’ or ‘fast’.
  • Translation #2: Depending on the context, this word could also mean ‘now’.

How to use ‘de volada’?

  • You would use this slang phrase exactly the same way you use the word ‘rápido’. So that means you can use ‘de volada’ with many verbs. However, do not use it with the verb ‘andar’ (walk/be) since the meaning would be completely different.
  • It can also be used instead of ‘quickly’.
  • When using this word, Mexicans are trying to express that something must be done fast and quickly. As a result, sometimes it means ‘now’. Remember that English and Spanish translation is not always literal.
  • Although you can say negative sentences with expressions, Mexicans tend to use more in affirmative sentences or to give orders.


Here are some sentences that are going to help you understand better how to use this Mexican slang phrase.

As a synonym of fast, quick or quickly

Mis hermanos comen de volada My brothers eat very fast

La película se terminó de volada The movie ended pretty fast

Voy de volada a la tienda, no te vayas I’ll go to the store very quickly, don’t go anywhere

Debes comprarlos ahora, esos zapatos se terminan de volada You should buy the now, those shoes run out very fast

As a synonym of ‘now’

¡Háblale a tu tía de volada! Call your aunt now!

No te preocupes, voy a terminar la tarea de volada y nos vamos Don’t worry, I’ll finish my homework now and then we’ll go

Who Can You Use This Word With?

Just as other slang phrases, ‘de volada’ is perfect for informal situations. As a result, you can use with friends and family. Even though is not a swearing word, you don’t want to use it with people like your boss.

Other Ways to Say ‘De volada’

Other ways to say this word are:

  • Rápido This is the regular word that we use for ‘fast’ and ‘quick’. So you can use it both informal and formal contexts.
  • En chinga This slang phrase is also used to say ‘fast’ and ‘quick’. However, since it’s a swearing word, you want to use it with the right people.
  • De volón pimpón This is the cute way to say ‘de volada’.

Remember that you can use this slang phrase with many verbs, except with ‘Andar’. Here is why.

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