Güey – Translation and Meaning in English

‘Güey’ or ‘wey’ is a very common Mexican slang word that means ‘dude’. However, this meaning could vary depending on the context and the speaker’s intention. As a result, other common meanings of ‘güey’ are: ‘guy’, ‘dumb’, ‘silly’. This word can also be used to talk about someone’s boyfriend and to express emotions such as pain, anger, and surprise.

What does ‘Güey’ mean?

  • Translation #1: ‘Dude’.
  • Translation #2: ‘Guy’.
  • Translation #3: ‘Dumb’ or ‘silly’.
  • Translation #4: ‘Jeez’ or ‘Damn it’.

How and When to use ‘Guëy’?

  • As a synonym of ‘dude’. Just as ‘dude’, in Mexico, we use ‘güey’ or ‘wey’ as a way to call a friend. Unlike many people think, in this case, this Mexican slang word is not offensive and shows a degree of familiarity. Mexican young men also use it with this meaning when breaking the ice with a guy they just met.
  • As a synonym of ‘guy’. This slang word is used when referring or pointing at someone you don’t know. Therefore, it would be translated as ‘that guy’.
  • As a synonym of ‘boyfriend’. Young Mexican people also use ‘guëy’ to talk about someone’s boyfriend. However, in this situation, the word can be considered condescending.
  • To express that somebody is ‘silly’ or ‘dumb’. Depending on the speaker’s tone of voice, in this situation, ‘güey’ could be considered offensive. However, among friends, it’s very common to use ‘güey’ as a synonym of silly to point out a common friend. In this context, it’s not offensive rather a friendly or affectionate way to describe a friend.
  • To express emotions such as pain, anger, and surprise. ¡Ay güey! is a phrase that, depending on the context, it could express anger, pain or surprise. As a result, it could be translated as ‘Jeez’ or ‘Damn it’.

How to spell ‘Güey’ in Spanish?

‘Güey’ is the correct way to spell this Mexican slang word. However, most people spell it ‘wey’. Since this word is only used in informal contexts, you may use either one or the other.


Here are some examples that will help you understand the contexts and the uses of this word.

As a synonym of ‘dude’

Güey, el partido es mañana, ¿vamos a ir? Dude, the soccer game is tomorrow. Are we going to go?

Al rato te hablo y te platico bien, güey I’ll call you later and tell you what happened, dude

As a synonym of ‘guy’

No sé dónde estamos. Mira, pregúntale a ese güey. I don’t know where we are. Look, ask that guy

¿Quién es ese güey y por qué me está saludando? Who is that guy and why is he waving at me?

As a synonym of ‘boyfriend’

¿Ya tienes nuevo güey? Do you have a new boyfriend?

Mira, ese es el wey de María Look, that’s Maria’s boyfriend

As a synonym of ‘silly’ or ‘dumb’

¡No manches, qué güey! Se me olvidaron mis llaves You have to be kidding me! I forgot my keys. So dumb!

¡Estás bien gúey! ¿Por qué le dijiste eso? You are so silly! Why did you tell her that?

As mentioned before, when it means ‘silly’ or ‘dumb’, young Mexicans also use ‘güey’ as a way to point out a common friend. Although in English this doesn’t make any sense and neither have a direct translation, in Mexico, it’s a very common way to call a friend. Notice that in this case ‘güey’ goes before the person’s name. Furthermore, if it’s clear who you are talking about, you could use ‘güey’ as a replacement of the name.

Ayer en la tarde vi al güey de Marcos Yesterday in the afternoon I ran into Marcos

La güey me dijo que no quería ir She told me that she didn’t want to go

El güey de Carlos me dijo que no ibas a estar Carlos told me you wouldn’t be at home

To express emotions

¡Ay wey! Estos zapatos están muy caros Jeez! This shoes are very expensive

¡Ay wey, me quemé! ¡Cuidado la sopa está caliente! Damn it! I burned myself. Be careful the soup is really hot!

Who Can You Use ‘Güey’ With?

This Mexican slang word is appropriated with friends and young Mexicans. Furthermore, it can be used with both boys and girls. And even though it’s also very used among men of the same age, adult women don’t use it.

Other Ways to Say ‘Güey’

Here are some of the most common synonyms that you can also use.

  • Compa When using ‘güey’ as a synonym of dude, you can use the Mexican word ‘compa’. However, keep in mind that this word is only used among men.
  • Menso This is the direct translation of ‘silly’. Just as ‘güey’, we use ‘menso’ to point out to a common friend.
  • Bato It’s a slang word for ‘guy’. Just as ‘güey’, we use it to talk about someone’s boyfriend. Usually, this word is more used among men.
  • Tonto It means ‘silly’ or ‘dumb’. However, it could be considered more offensive than ‘menso’ and ‘güey’.
  • Tipo It’s the direct translation of ‘guy’. Nevertheless, we don’t use it to talk about someone’s boyfriend.
  • Tronco This word is also used as a synonym of ‘silly’ or ‘dumb’. Just as ‘güey’ or ‘wey’, this word is also very informal. Tronco is a very popular word in Latin American countries, that’s why in this post I teach you what does tronco means in Spanish and how to use it.

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