Me choca – Translation and Meaning in English

Definition Me choca is a Mexican slang expression that we use to express that a certain situation, activity or behavior annoys us. It can also be used to express that we don’t like or can’t stand a person. Depending on the context, ‘me choca’ can be translated as ‘It annoys me’, ‘To hate’, ‘To irk’ or ‘Can’t stand’’. 

What does ‘Me choca’ mean?

  • Translation #1: It’s used as a synonym of ‘to annoy’, ‘to hate’. 
  • Translation #2: It could also mean ‘to irk or ‘can’t stand’. 

How and When to use ‘Me choca’?

  • As a synonym of ‘to annoy’ or ‘to hate’. This Mexican slang expression is used to express that we feel annoyed by an activity, behavior or situation. We can apply this expression to talk either about us or somebody else. In this context, ‘me choca’ could be translated as ‘to annoy’ or ‘to hate’.  
  • As a synonym of ‘to irk’ or ‘can’t stand’. This informal expression is also used to describe our feelings for people. In this context, ‘me choca’ is used to express that we can’t stand a person. Therefore, ‘me choca’ is close in meaning to ‘to irk’ or ‘can’t stand’.  

Examples of How to Use Me choca

Here are some examples that will help you understand how to apply ‘me choca’ in your conversations. 

As a synonym of ‘to hate’ or, ‘it annoys me’

As established before, ‘me choca’ can be used to express your annoyment for some activities or behaviors. Generally speaking, when talking about activities, ‘me choca’ is translated as ‘to hate’ and you may use one of the following structures. 

Me choca + [infinitive verb]

Me choca despertarme tan temprano
I hate waking up that early

Vayan ustedes, a mí me choca andar en lugar llenos
You guys go, I hate being in crowded places

Me choca + [noun]

¿No podemos ver algo más? Me choca esa película
Can we watch something else? I hate that movie

If you want to use this Mexican slang phrase to express that someone’s behavior or actions annoy you. You need to use the following structure:

Me choca + que + [behaviour/action]

Ya sabes que me choca que siempre llegues trade
You know that it annoys me that you’re always late

As a synonym of ‘to irk’ or ‘can’t stand’

Me choca can also be applied to a person. In this case, we use this phrase that we don’t like a person or that she or he irritates us. As a result, in this type of situation, ‘me choca’ could mean ‘to irk’ or ‘can’t stand’. Here are some examples:

Por favor, no invites a Ana Paula, me choca
Please, don’t invite Ana Paula, I can’t stand her

Me choca Clara, es una metiche
Clara irks me, she is such a busybody

Who Can You Use ‘Me choca’ With?

Although ‘me choca’ is used only in informal conversations, there are some things that you still need to keep in mind. When used as a synonym of ‘to hate’ or ‘to annoy’, me choca is very popular among all people. Nevertheless, when used to express your feelings about someone else is more common among young speakers. 

Other Ways to Say ‘Me choca’

Here are other synonyms that you can use to replace ‘me choca’ when needed.

  • Me molesta Me molesta’ is the direct translation of ‘it annoys me’. We can use this phrase to talk about activities, behaviors or people.  
  • Me irrita Although this is the direct translation of ‘to irk’, in some Spanish speaking countries, this phrase would be considered slightly more formal. 
  • No la soporto No la soporto’ is the direct translation of ‘can’t stand’. Keep in mind that in this case la is referring to a woman. Therefore, if you want to talk about a man, you need to change la to lo. 
  • Odio It’s the direct translation of ‘to hate’. 

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