Ya Mero – Translation, and Meaning in English

Definition Ya mero is a Mexican slang expression that we use to express that we’re close to finishing something or express that we’re about to start doing something. It’s also used to express that we’re about to arrive at a certain place. Depending on the context, ‘ya mero’ can be translated as ‘to be about to’, ‘very soon’, ‘almost’. 

What does ‘Ya mero’ mean?

  • Translation #1: It’s used as an informal synonym of ‘almost’ or ‘to be about’.
  • Translation #2: In some contexts, it means ‘very soon’. 

How and When to use ‘Ya mero’?

  • As a synonym of ‘almost’ or ‘to be about to’. ‘Ya mero’ is widely used as a casual way to express that we’re about to finish or start an activity. In this context, this slang expression will be translated as ‘almost’ or ‘to be about to’.
  • To express that you’re close to arriving at a place. Another popular meaning of ‘ya mero’ is to say that you’re about to arrive at a certain place. Of course, you could also use it to express that you’re about to leave a place. In this case, ‘ya mero’ also means ‘to be about’ or ‘almost’. 
  • As a synonym of ‘very soon’. When working with the verb ir (to go), this slang expression means ‘very soon’. Even though the translation slightly changes, the meaning remains the same: we use ‘ya mero’ to express that we’re about to go to a certain place or that something is about to happen. Remember that just as in English, in Spanish, the verb ‘ir’ can also be used to talk about the future. Therefore, it’s meaning could vary depending on the context.  

Examples of How to Use Ya Mero

The following examples will help you understand how to use ‘ya mero’ in real-life situations. 

To express that you’re about to finish or start an activity

Mexicans, use ‘ya mero’ to express that a person is about to finish or start an activity. One thing that you need to keep in mind about this phrase is that you can place it at the beginning, middle or end of the sentence. 

Espérame, ya mero termino de cocinar
Wait, I’m about to finish cooking

Maestra, deme un minuto, ya mero acabo
Teacher, give me a minute please, I’m almost done

¿Ya mero se termina tu programa? Quiero ver las noticias
Is your show almost over? I want to see the news

To express that you’re close to arrive or leave at a place

As mentioned before, one of the most common uses of ‘ya mero’ is to express that a person is either about to:

  • Arrive at a place 
  • Leave a place 

Depending on the context, ‘ya mero’ could be referring to the distance or the time needed to perform one of these actions. 

¿Ya mero llegas? Te estamos esperando
Are you almost here? We’re waiting for you

¡No te tardes! Ya mero sale nuestro autobús
Hurry! Our bus is about to leave!

¿Sabes dónde está Carla? Me dijo que ya mero llegaba, pero no la veo
Do you know where Carla is? She told me that she was about to arrive, but I don’t see her

As a synonym of ‘very soon’

‘Ya mero’ can also mean ‘very soon’ or ‘soon’ as long as it works in a sentence with the verb ir. Here are some examples of how to use this expression as a synonym of ‘very soon’.

Ya mero me voy de vacaciones a México
I’ll go on vacation to Mexico very soon

¿Ya compraste el regalo de Mara? Ya mero va a ser su fiesta
Did you already buy Mara’s present? Her party is going to be soon

Who Can You Use ‘Ya mero’ With?

Ya mero is a very popular Mexican expression, therefore, you can use it with all types of people as long as you’re in a casual conversation. 

When using this phrase, you need to keep in mind that you may hear other expressions that contain ‘mero’ and don’t seem to follow the same meanings that we discussed before. 

This is because ‘mero’ is a very rich word in Spanish speaking countries. For that reason, I wrote an article where I explain another popular slang expression with ‘mero’. Here, you can learn what ‘el mero mero’ means in Spanish

Other Ways to Say ‘Ya mero’

Here are other synonyms that you can use to replace ‘ya mero’ when needed.

  • Ya merito  This is the diminutive form of ‘ya mero’, therefore, you can use it with the same meanings. 
  • Ya casi This is a slightly more formal phrase than ‘ya mero’. We use it as a synonym of ‘almost’ and ‘to be about to’. This is still a casual expression compared to simply saying casi to mean ‘almost’.
  • Pronto It’s the formal and direct translation of ‘soon’. 
  • Apunto de It’s the direct translation of ‘about to’. ‘Apunto de’ is a standard expression that can be used in all contexts.

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