Muchacho & Muchacha – Translations & Meanings in English

Definition – In Mexico, muchacho and its feminine form muchacha are casual words that people use to refer to a young man or woman. Additionally, in other contexts, muchacha can also be an informal way to call a cleaning lady. Depending on the context, these words can be translated as ‘young man’, ‘young woman’, ‘girl’, ‘boy’, ‘guys’, ‘miss’, ‘cleaner’  and ‘maid’

What Does ‘Muchacho’ & ‘Muchacha’ Means?

  • Translation #1: When used as a way to name young people, muchacho and muchacha can be translated as ‘young man’, ‘young woman’, ‘girl’,  ‘boy’, ‘guy’ or ‘miss’. 
  • Translation #2: When referring to a cleaning lady, it means ‘maid’ or ‘cleaner’. 

How and When to use ‘Muchacho’ & ‘Muchacha’ 

  • As a synonym of ‘maid’. In casual Mexican conversations, muchacha is used as an informal way to name a cleaning lady. As a result, in this context, ‘muchacha’ can be translated as ‘maid’ or ‘cleaner’. Keep in mind that this meaning is only applicable to the feminine form. 
  • To refer to a young person. The most common use of ‘muchacho’ and ‘muchacha’ is to use them as a casual way to call a young person (man or woman). Therefore, with this meaning, it could mean ‘guy’, ‘young man’, ‘girl’, ‘boy’, ‘young woman’ or ‘miss’. 

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Examples on How to Use ‘Muchacho’ & ‘Muchacha’

Here are some real-life examples of how to ‘muchacha’ and ‘muchacho’ in real-life situations. 

As a synonym of maid

With this meaning, you can only use the feminine form muchacha. Additionally, most of the time, ‘muchacha’ will be preceded by the article ‘la’ 

¿Ya se fue la muchacha?
Did the maid leave already?

Dile a la muchacha que te ayude a lavar los platos
Tell the cleaner to help you wash the dishes

La muchacha que nos ayuda en la casa se llama Silvia
The maid that helps us in the house is named Silvia

¿A qué horas llega la muchacha? La oficina está muy sucia
What time does the cleaner arrive? The office is very dirty

To refer to a young person

In Mexico, muchacha and muchacho are commonly used to refer to a young person. Additionally, this word can be used among friends as an affectionate way to call each other. 

[Verb conjugated] + [determiner] + muchacho/muchacha

¿Cómo se llama la muchacha nueva?
What’s the new girl’s name?

Hola, muchachos, ¿cómo están?
Hi, guys, how are you?

Mis muchachos están estudiando medicina
My boys are studying Medicine

A Lynda le gusta ese muchacho
Lynda likes that boy

Who Can You Use ‘Muchacho’ & ‘Muchacha’ With?

‘Muchacho’ and ‘muchacha’ are very common words in Mexican Spanish. However, both meanings are usually applied in casual and informal contexts. 

Synonyms: 6 Ways To Say ‘Muchacho’ & ‘Muchacha’

  • Joven → It’s a more formal way to refer to a ‘young man’. 
  • Morro → It’s a Mexican informal word that people use to call a young person. 
  • Chavo / Chava → This Mexican slang word can be used as a synonym for ‘young’ or as a way to call a young man. Chava is used when talking about girls. 
  • Chica / Chico →  It’s a standard and formal word that people use a way to call a young person. 
  • Señorita →  It’s the direct translation of ‘miss’, as a result, it’s a more formal way to refer to a young woman. 
  • Señora de limpieza → It’s the direct translation of ‘cleaning lady’. It’s more formal and polite than ‘muchacha’. 

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