Spanish for Beginners: Free Resources to Learn Spanish

With 548 million speakers, Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world. If you’re interested in learning this language, on this Spanish for beginners page, you’ll find free resources that will equip you with the essential tools to take your first steps in your learning journey. 

If you like the school experience, you can complement these free Spanish resources for beginners with some online courses or textbooks

Phrases & Words for Beginners in Spanish

Spanish words and phrases for beginners are the foundation for having a solid and helpful vocabulary. Although you take the time to get familiar words and expressions suitable for your learning goals, here is a list of vocabulary that can come in handy. 

Take Note: An easy way to expand your vocabulary is by learning common synonyms. Also, note that many words may have the same English translation but have different uses in Spanish (like ser vs estar or qué vs cuál). To improve your command of the language, you should take the time to learn the difference between these tricky words in Spanish

Spanish Grammar Basics

On top of learning common words and expressions, Spanish beginners must also review some fundamental grammar topics, such as basic tenses, important verbs, and essential rules. Here is a list of topics you should check: 

Spanish Verbs & Tenses for Beginners 

Basic Pronunciation 

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